New AUT 14 Courses from Public Health

For students interested in social science & health, public health is offering a number of awesome courses related to this topic during autumn quarter 2014. See below for a link to these courses and a description of each course offered.

HSERV 490-A:Economics to Solve Today’s Health Care Problems

SLN: 15611

4 Credits

MW 1000-1120

Instructor: Coe, Norma

Description: Economics to solve today’s health care problems. Introduces Health Economics and the tools economists use to analyze current issues in health care. No prerequisites required.



HSERV 490-C: A Practical Introduction to Ethnographic Research in Public Health

SLN: 22103

4 Credits

MW 230-420

Instructor: Bezruchka, Stephen

Description: A practical introduction to ethnographic methods in public health. Introduces practical methods of gathering ethnographic data by presenting techniques and having students practice them in the cultures that surround them. No prerequisites required.


HSERV 490-S: Social Networks and Health

SLN: 22324

4 Credits

TTh 100-220 + various discussion sections

Instructor: Petrescu-Prahova, Miruna

Description: Course covers methods and applications, an introduction to the major theories, methods, models and findings of social network analysis research, and application with attention to health behaviors and health systems. No prerequisites required.


HSERV 490-W: War & Health

SLN: 22105

4 Credits

MW 300-420

F 230-320

Instructors: Hagopian, Amy & Kanter, Evan

Description: Explores the health consequences of war and the role of professionals in preventing war.

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