Addressing Social Disorder: Evaluation of Anti-Graffiti Efforts in Downtown Seattle

If you are looking for upper division sociology electives to take this fall quarter and also wish to gain valuable research experience with an influential organizations, consider registering for SOC 403: Applied Community Research.  This applied research course will address social disorder by evaluating anti-graffiti efforts in downtown Seattle.  See below for a full description of the course:


This fall, students will conduct research for the City of Seattle and the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID) to evaluate the effectiveness of rapid graffiti eradication and enforcement to stem social disorder and crime in the Seattle’s downtown core.

Students will examine the role of graffiti in urban life, discuss whether graffiti leads to other crimes, and investigate how graffiti and taggers interact with other social and environmental factors. This class will apply sociological theories and research methods, sharpen their writing skills, and learn how to present research in a professional setting. The class is highly collaborative, interactive and intense in order to prepare students for future professional work and graduate school.

Course information:

Time: Monday/Wednesday 11:30am-1:30pm

Room: SAV 245

Instructor: ManChui Leung

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