Resource: Sociology Writing Center

The Sociology Writing Center seeks to support analytical writing in our major and advance departmental learning goals. We believe that writing is an effective means to both: (1) promote understanding of the sociological perspective (appreciating how a variety of social phenomena affect individuals, groups, and institutions); and (2) develop and enhance analytical skills for assessing sociological arguments and applying them to empirical evidence.

Writing Center Appointments

Like other writing centers on campus, we offer one-on-one “tutoring” services, primarily through scheduled appointments (45 minutes in length).  These appointments are open to all undergraduate students taking sociology courses, are assignment-focused, and are intended to help students with all stages of the writing process. In keeping with our departmental learning objectives, we do not provide editing and proofreading services.  However, we may indicate problematic grammatical and stylistic patterns and refer students to online resources.

To schedule an appointment, please contact the sociology advising office on the second floor of Savery Hall (203).  You can sign up in person at the front desk, or call the office to request and appointment at 206-543-5396 .  Please specify that you want a “Writing Center” appointment and indicate which course you are taking. Please bring a copy of the assignment instructions and a printed copy of your draft (if you have one written) to your appointment.

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