VLPA/I&S – African Dance, Dance 234

This exciting class still has space available for Fall 2014.

Dance 234 – World Dance & Culture, VLPA/I&S – African Dance – 3 credits – T/Th 4:30-6:20
Contact Sarah Lee Parker, sldance@uw.edu for an add code

This course will offer instruction in West African Dancing, and give students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the artistry, history, context and philosophy of both traditional village, as well as more urban West African dance, as it occurs in West Africa and here in the United States. Students will gain this understanding by practicing and developing competency with movement as well as by reading short essays and a short book, engaging in dialog, writing journals and viewing live and recorded examples of West African Dance. While dancing, students will distinguish and focus on the movement form, posture, vocabulary, volume, strength, vitality and energy found in several of the dances from Guinea, West Africa including dances of initiation, hunting, seduction, welcome, harvest, celebration and strength, derived from 5 very distinct ethnic groups within Guinea. Other topics to be covered include: ethnic diversity and race politics; the inseparable connection between African dance and its rhythms, songs, music; the strong connection between this dance and historic and current daily life, ceremony and ritual; and the place for individual self-expression within such a traditional art form.

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