Exciting new Geography course (GEOG 295: Borderlands)


Winter 2015 | SLN 14817 | MWF 10:30-11:20 | Gould 322 | Quiz sections on Tuesday

Geography 295 (special topics) ~ no prerequisites ~

We tend to think of borders as fixed lines that divide Us from our Others. In recent years, geographers, political scientists, poets and activists have debated the meaning of borders, focusing on borderlands as a concept that transcends physical borders between nation-states.

This class will direct scholarly inquiry towards a broad array of sources to think through living in the borderlands. We will pull out key themes from a classic feminist Chicanx text, Borderlands / La Frontera, to direct our analysis towards a relational understanding of place and identity. While the class will start with the case of the making of the US-Mexico border, we will also draw from other cases around the world in articles, movies, and podcasts. Themes include: settler colonialism and ethnic identities, bilingualism and belonging, transnationalism and diaspora, and how people make claims on gendered, raced and place identities.

Course Information at: http://bit.ly/geog295

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