Deviance Seminar this Friday, October 31

Please join us this Friday in Savery 409 at 3:30.

Our speaker will me Professor Gary Marx from MIT.  Gary will be talking about his work on social control and surveillance.  He’s asked that we look at the list of 37 moral mandates written for us at: Of Methods and Manners for

Aspiring Sociologists: 37 Moral Imperatives

Gary wrote that he would also draw themes from the following articles:  Soft Surveillance: The Growth of Mandatory Volunteerism in Collecting Personal Information—”Hey Buddy Can You Spare a DNA?”

A nice example that touches us as social inquirers is an imagined soft interview of the future taken from my forthcoming book (attached above). I will ask students what they think of this and the issue that is key for much of this –conditions for crossing or honoring personal (and also organizational) borders.

A related set of examples are both harder but also soft and involve incapacitation, reward removal, soul training and risk-cost increase:   Technology and Social Control: The Search for the Illusive Silver Bullet Continues

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