Spring in LONDON!


Application deadline: November 7, 2014.


During Spring Quarter 2015, the Department of English will again offer its highly successful program of study in London. The program will consist of four courses: /*London’s Contemporary Theater (ENGL 440) */taught by Dr. Carrie Matthews of the UW English Department, */Englishes in England (ENGL 372), /*//taught by Professor Gail Stygall of the UW English Department, /*Art, Architecture, and Society (ART H 399) */taught by British Professor Peter Buckroyd, and /*Contemporary Britain*/ */(HIST 490) /*taught by British Professor Michael Fosdal. Professors Buckroyd and Fosdal are our London faculty, and have been teaching our students to rave reviews for more than ten years. (Three classes are considered a full-time load, but students may take all four if they wish.)

Students in the program will maintain their UW residency and any financial aid eligibility already established. Credits earned will be recorded on students’ UW transcripts and apply directly to UW graduation requirements.

Housing and board (2 meals per day) for students will be arranged with families in London. A London Transport pass, good for travel on subways and buses, will be supplied.

/”Studying in London has been the highlight of my time as a UW student. Words can’t really describe how exciting the city is and how much there is to experience and learn. Sometimes I couldn’t believe how much history was at my fingertips. The faculty was great and the classes were fun and interesting. My fellow classmates also became great friends during our stay in London, a bonus which I count immeasurable!”/

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