WIN 2015 Career Center Course – Career Strategy and Job Search

Are you a junior or senior snd starting to think about your post-UW future? Would you like some advice and guidance on how to focus your job/career search, build resume-writing, networking, and interview skills, and promote yourself well enough to rise above the competition? If so (and probably even if not), then the Career Center is offering the perfect course for you:

General Studies 391G

·         Title: Career Strategy and Job Search

·         Winter 2015 SLN: 14728

·         Tuesday/Thursday, 2:30-3:20, LOW 105

·         Instructor: Patrick Chidsey (Career Counselor, Lead)

·         Credits: 2

·         Size of class: up to 50 students

This course assists juniors/transfer students/seniors (3rd & 4th year students) with self-exploration, investigation of career options and development of career and job search strategy.  General Studies 391G (“Career Strategy and Job Search”), is a graded, 2-credit course where students attend two 50-minute classes each week. This course is designed
for juniors, transfer students and seniors (3rd & 4th year students) who have earned roughly 90 credits or more. No pre-requisites are required.

Learning objectives:

1.      Grow self-awareness and appreciation for your strengths, skills, values, and interests and learn how to use this important self-knowledge when taking action in job searching and building a career strategy.

2.      Build ability to effectively research career options and learn how to be successful in the competitive job market.

3.      Learn how to create effective resumes, cover letters, strong LinkedIn profiles (and online and in-person networking skills), grow interviewing skills and confidence.

For additional details please contact Patrick Chidsey in the Career Center ( ; 206.616.5803 )

Feedback from Students Who Took Our Career Classes in 2014:

·         “I have become more confident and excited about my future. Thank you!”

·         “It’s a practical class”

·         “Thank you! I really appreciate your positive attitude. It’s extremely refreshing”

·         “This class definitely pointed me in the right direction and has me thinking about things that I wouldn’t have thought of before”

·         “I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to teach this seminar, it was shockingly helpful and I definitely got WAY more out of it than I intended.”

·         “Thank you for the course, I thought it was fantastic. Quite honestly I wish something like it were required for all undergraduates.  I think everyone would benefit from it.”

·         “Thank you for all your help this quarter. This class was a tremendous help to steering me in the right direction to reach my goals.”

·         “I found the class inspired me to be more proactive about my career.  I think this information should be required for freshmen.”

·         “This class got me thinking a lot about interviews and career options and where to get help”

·         “I liked the positive focus on self and applicability to all students”

·         “This class helped me to grow much more quickly.  It made me realize that I’m no longer just a child or student.  I’m taking away from this class, passion and power to move on instead of just goofing around.  This class is fun.”

·         “I liked the self investigation and how-to’s.  Class introduced new ways of thinking and gets you to think more about where you’re going and who you are.”

·         “I liked the career exploration aspects and the panels of recent graduates”

·         “I liked that the class demystified the job searching, application and interview process.  I also left feeling more confident that my major doesn’t set my life in stone and that is such a huge relief.”

·         “This class instills confidence.  I was unsure about my career, if I’d even get a job, how the process works, till this class.  Even if I don’t know exactly what I will do still, it gave me confidence that I’m not that underqualified.  This class is most beneficial to starting/incoming students.”

·         “It made me feel prepared and enthusiastic about the future because of all the skills and advice taught”

·         “I liked that every week I came out of class feeling motivated to improve some aspect of my life.  I think that is very valuable.  I think this class should actually be a requirement for graduation.”

·         “I liked the strengths topics and encouragement to seek opportunities”.  Class was a great guide to finding opportunities”

·         “I liked that all the subjects were valuable but not in an academic way like all the other classes I’ve taken.   This class is applicable to the real world.”

·         “I liked the panels and hearing I don’t have to find my dream job right away.  Class is helpful to anyone that needs help learning how to job search.  Career Center seems less intimidating now”

·         “I am taking away from the class, how important it is to think about my future now, but this class has pointed me in the right direction.  One of the most helpful classes I have taken at UW. I really thought the panels were helpful, as well as the interviewing tips”

·         “This class puts you in a better position when job hunting”

·         “I liked the atmosphere about this class.  It’s not like a stressful lecture type of class, and it’s very helpful.”

·         “I liked the chance to talk with other students about their experience, and the chance to think more about yourself”

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