IWP Linked Course Offerings for Winter 2015

The award-winning Interdisciplinary Writing Program (IWP: https://depts.washington.edu/engl/iwp) links writing courses with lectures across campus.  For students new to the University of Washington, these paired lecture/writing courses create a learning community that can be a wonderful introduction to the UW, and to research, writing and learning resources on campus.  All IWP courses are capped at 21 students and include individual conferences with the instructor to discuss drafts of papers. These 5-credit writing courses fulfill either a “C” or “W” requirement, and up to three IWP Links can count toward graduation credits.

IWP courses are linked both to general education lectures at the 100 and 200 level, and to upper division courses designed for students entering majors (such as English 301, Sociology 316 and English 491/Community Literacy Program). Also – up to two Writing Links (10 credits total) taken at the 200 level, such as ENGL 297A/297B/297C, can count toward the English Minor: http://depts.washington.edu/engl/ugrad/minor.php.

To enroll in an IWP Writing Link, students register first for the lecture course, and then for the Link.  There are no prerequisites for IWP courses, even at the 200 level.  Any student eligible to take the lecture is also eligible to take the Link, and Writing Links offer an excellent opportunity for students to develop their writing skills and confidence in a course that supports their learning in the linked lecture.

5-Credit Writing Courses Linked with Lecture Courses in
the Arts, Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences
Winter 2015

ENGL 197 – Social Sciences
MUSIC 120 Survey of Music ENGL 197A
ENGL 198 – Social Sciences
HSTAM 112 The Medieval World ENGL 198A
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy ENGL 198B
PSYCH 101A/B/F Intro to Psychology ENGL 198C/D/G
HSTAA 105 History of American Peoples ENGL 198E
SOC 110 Survey of Sociology ENGL 198F
ENGL 199 – Natural Sciences
ASTR 101 Astronomy ENGL 199A
BIOL 180 Introductory Biology ENGL 199B/C/G
ENVIR 100 Environmental Foundations ENGL 199D
ASTR 150 The Planets ENGL 199E
GH 101/GEOG 180/JSIS B180
Introduction to Global Health ENGL 199F/H/I
ENGL 297 – Humanities
ENGL 301 Introduction to English Lang & Literature ENGL 297A-E
C LIT 271 Film: Directors ENGL 297F
ENGL 298 – Social Sciences
POL S 203 Introduction to International Relations ENGL 298B
POL S 204 Introduction to Comparative Politics ENGL 298E
JSIS 201 The Making of the 21st Century ENGL 298C
LSJ 200 Intro to Law, Society and Justice ENGL 298D
COM 201 Introduction to Communication I ENGL 298G
GEOG 271 Geography of Food and Eating ENGL 298H
ANTH 228 Identities ENGL 298I
ENGL 299 – Natural Sciences
BIOL 200/220 Intro to Biology Series ENGL 299A/B
PSYCH 202 BioPsych ENGL 299C

IWP links fulfill “C” and “W” credit requirements
See Time Schedule: ENGL 197, 198, 199; ENGL 297, 298, 299
For questions email: IWPengl@uw.edu

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