Asian Languages & Literature’s TA Application Workshop: DEC 5 @ 3:30pm Thomson 125

Workshop Information:
Date: 12.05.14
Time: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Location: Thomson Hall 125

Are you considering graduate school at the University of Washington beginning Fall 2015? Or, are you already a graduate student at UW?

If so, we recommend you attend the TA Application Workshop presented by AL&L Staff and Faculty. Only UW graduate students will be offered TA positions. If you are applying to ANY graduate program starting Fall 2015 you are eligible to apply to be a TA in Chinese, Japanese, Hindi or Korean language courses.

This workshop is a great opportunity to get your application questions answered and meet with faculty in the program. More information on being a TA in the Asian Languages & Literature Department can be found here:

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