Teach For America December Deadline (12/5)


Start your application: www.teachforamerica.org/apply

Teach For America is developing a movement of leaders who will help drive change at every level in our educational system toward the goal of closing the opportunity gap in America. These leaders start their paths as corps members who teach for two years in urban and rural high-need communities and help students make the academic progress that expands their opportunities. Deeply affected by their teaching experience, our alumni continue to advocate for students and build lasting change in many different roles and fields.

”Through my experience in TFA, I have been challenged in ways like never before in my life, but I have been able to persevere because of 30 smiling faces every morning that remind me of the importance and beauty of this work.”

-Courtney McGonegle (UW Foster School of Business, 2013) 

The Basics and Benefits of Teach For America

  • All academic majors and backgrounds
  • Salary  ranging from $25,500-$51,000 a year with health insurance and retirement benefits
  • Graduate school and employer partnerships  for alum to continue their leadership and impact
  • Regional placement is not random; applicants preference location in our 50 regions
  • All grade levels (preK-12) and subjects including ELL and SpEd
  • Possible AmeriCorps Education Award of $11,100 and loan deferment/forbearance
  • Option to earn your certification and/or Masters in Education/teaching
  • DACA recipients are eligible to apply. Learn more here .

How to Apply: Start a free, non-binding online application: Here

  • Resume
  • Short survey on your academic and leadership background
  • Short answer questions (300 words)
  • No letters of recommendation needed at this time

Contact Sean Rice, UW’s Recruitment Manager, if you have any questions or would simply like to learn more about TFA: Sean.Rice@teachforamerica.org

One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

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