Are you a rock? Do you like pizza? | Invitation to join the CELS Program

Are you actively engaged in your community? Take this quiz and find out!


I am aware of issues currently affecting my community: A.  Yes, but only the issues that directly impact me
B.  Definitely, I seek out information about the issues affecting my community
C.  Maybe. I’d like to think I know but, I bet there’s a lot I don’t know about
D.  No, I am a rock.
I participate in opportunities that enable me to meet people with experiences different than mine: A.  For sure, but mostly on this campus
B.  Always! I am constantly trying to meet people with diverse experiences
C.  Honestly, I mostly talk to people with similar interests and backgrounds but, I’d like to branch out
D.  No, I am a rock.
I care about the world I live in: A.  Well yes, but I’m not sure if I do enough to show it
B.  Totally! I am always trying make this world a better place
C.  I think so but, what does that really mean?
D.  No, I am a rock.


Now find out your scores!

Mostly A’s Mostly B’s Mostly C’s Mostly D’s
You are engaged in your community! You clearly are aware and thoughtful about engaging with others but, the CELS program might help expand your knowledge, skills and network! You are well on your way to be a champion for your community! Join the CELS program and develop more of your knowledge, skills and network to maximize your impact! You definitely care about your community but theCELS program could help you take that first step to getting more involved. Congratulations! You are a rock.

Interested in learning more about the CELS (Community Engaged Leaders & Scholars) program? Come to our next orientation on: 

Thursday, April 22, 2015

from 3pm – 4:30pm

in Mary Gates Hall 171E

A PIZZA dinner will be included


Designed to develop a range of knowledge, skills and aptitudes, the CELS program guides students through focused workshops, lectures, and community events; connecting students with civic leaders, social impact organizations and a network of young people interested in community empowerment.

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