Summer Course: GEN ST 348: Creating an Experiential Learning Portfolio

Summer Course from the Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity

GEN ST 348: Creating an Experiential Learning Portfolio
SLN 11584, A Term (June 23- July 21): T/Th, 2:20-4:30pm,
2 credits, CR/NC

Instructors:  Emily Smith, , Global Opportunities Program
Kathryn Cornforth,,  Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

What’s your Husky Experience? Bring all of your UW experiences together into a uniquely “you” online portfolio.  In this summer course, you’ll use examples from your  coursework, research, club activities, volunteerism, study abroad, and leadership, to craft an e-portfolio
that tells your story. This course is great for students at all levels, in any discipline.

This course will guide you through the process of building an online e-portfolio. The e-portfolio development process will help you to identify deep connections between your learning, your experiences, and your life goals. Engage in hands-on activities exploring your personal strengths; organize and document your accomplishments; and highlight evidence of your learning in creative and visual ways that showcase your skills and knowledge. You will conclude this course with the skillset and a multimedia framework necessary to maintain a personal e-portfolio that will help you to stay focused on your goals, give you a place to store your significant learning experiences, and that can grow and change as you do. (Open to students of all grade-levels and all academic majors, no prior experience with technology is necessary).

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