Department of Sociology Graduation 2015

The UW Department of Sociology wishes to honor its graduating students with a Graduation Celebration on Wednesday, June 10th at 7pm in Meany Hall.

WHO’S ELIGIBLE:  All undergraduate and graduate students who graduated in Autumn 2014 or Winter 2015 are invited to participate.  Students who applied by the April 17 deadline to graduate in Spring or Summer 2015 are also invited to participate.

HOW TO REGISTER: Registration for the Sociology Graduation Celebration will open May 6 and close May 24.  The online registration form can be found here.

HOW MANY GUESTS: Our event is intended for graduates and their immediate family/friends.  We will try our best to give each student the number of tickets requested on our online registration form. However, if evenly distributed, each graduate would receive 5-6 tickets, so please request only what you will actually need. If some graduates do not take their full allotment of tickets, we will make the extras available to students who want additional tickets. All guests need tickets, except infants. Toddlers are NOT infants; they should have their own seat.

CAP AND GOWN: The Sociology Graduation Celebration is a formal event, and you will need to wear a cap and gown.  Order your cap and gown on the UW Commencement website (  Even if you are not attending UW Commencement you still need to purchase your cap and gown for the Graduation Celebration from that website between May 6 and May 24.

For more information about the Department of Sociology Graduation Celebration:

We look forward to sharing this very special evening with you!

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