Summer Course: SOC 360: Intro to Social Stratification


What do Brussels sprouts have to do with your social status?

More than you think.


How much does having a police record matter for getting a job?

It depends.

SOCIAL STRATIFICATION not only shapes the kind of food you like or how much a police record matters for your job chances. Guess which are affected too?

☐         The money we make                                                  ☐       The car we drive

☐       The education we get                                                   ☐       The work we have

☐       Whether and when we marry                                    ☐         Where we live

ALL OF THEM! This summer we will take an in-depth journey through how social stratification works and how it relates to YOUR life! Register for the course and discover how your social world works.

SOC360: “Intro to Social Stratification”              T/TH 1:10pm-3:20pm                                    Instructor: Dr. Bettina Sonnenberg                      email:

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