Foreign Language Requirement – SPAN 101 Alternative

Bad news:  Both SPAN 101 sections are already full for autumn quarter.

Great news:  There are two SPAN 121 sections with plenty of space available!  The SPAN 121/2/3 series uses the Destinos soap opera* as the central medium of presentation, and is equivalent to SPAN 101/2/3.

Completing SPAN 123 with a 2.0 fulfills the foreign language requirement. However, students need to get started in the autumn, as the Spanish department offers the series in sequence (121-autumn; 122-winter; 123-spring), and it is difficult for students who have not taken 121 and/or 122, to jump into the series later on.

*And yes, this soap opera is old; in fact it’s so old, that many students are now calling it vintage and trendy!

Here are some tweets from students about SPAN 121/2/3:

Have fun, do the work and by spring you can converse in Spanish on a wide variety of everyday topics. Take SPAN 121 in fall!

Watch soap opera, learn Spanish, do the work and after three quarters, you may even jump ahead a level or two on second-year placement test. Many have. Take SPAN 121 in fall!

SPAN 121, intensive and grammar-focused, is a great way for beginners to get basic Spanish proficiency fast.  Take 121 in the fall!

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