Considering Law School or Grad School? $195-$295 LSAT and GRE Prep Courses at UW

Interested in going to Law School or Grad School, but can’t afford to pay $1200+ for LSAT or GRE prep classes? We’ve got you covered. There will be another set of low-cost, high quality, LSAT and GRE prep courses at UW (open to non-students as well). You can apply for the course (and see testimonials, etc.) at

Campus Prep has built a reputation at UW by helping students get great point gains for
little cost. You can try the course for free, by requesting a full refund (via email) prior to the second class session.

$195-$295 LSAT Prep
The course will start in October and prepare you for the December test date. The comprehensive, 30 hour, LIVE course on campus, with 3 practice exams, costs $295. (students who qualify for financial need-based aid from Campus Prep pay $195-$215).

The instructor for the course has taught with Campus Prep for several years. He scored
in the top 3 percent on the test, and is one of our top-rated teachers nationally.

Schedule: (Please let us know if this schedule does not work for you – there is also a
LIVE online course):

Tuesdays 6-9pm
10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 12/1

Proctored (practice) exams:  Sat. 10/10 11-2pm, Sat. 10/24 11-2, Sat. 11/14 11-2pm

Apply ASAP at, as there will likely be more applications than there are spaces available. Email questions to

$165-$295 GRE Prep
The 18 hour, comprehensive GRE prep course will begin in October. It is taught by a top-scoring expert on the GRE. The course costs $295 (students who qualify for financial need-based aid from us pay $165-$215). Non-students are welcome to apply as well. You can find more info. about the course (and the instructor) at You can apply at


Wednesdays 6-9pm
10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 11/18

Fast Facts:
*  92% of students who took another prep course before ours rated ours as superior.
*  In anonymous surveys, 98.7% of students say they would recommend our course to a
*  More than 30 years of test prep experience behind our core team!

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