Freshmen and Sophomores: Find Your Academic Path and Explore Career Opportunities!

The Career Center is excited to offer the following class in Winter 2016, designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students seeking information and inspiration about academic majors, career options and strategy:

General Studies 297H

Title: Career Planning

Schedule: Wednesday, 1:30-3:20

Instructor: Tina Adelstein (Career Counselor)

Credits: 2

Size of class: up to 50 students

SLN: 14809

This course assists freshmen and sophomore students (first and second year students with 0-89 credits) with the process of exploring and designing their academic paths and internship/career options. Students will survey their own capacities, skills, and interests through assigned readings, reflections, and in-class activities.

General Studies 297H (“Career Planning”), is a 2-credit course (CR/NC) where students attend one 110-minute seminar each week. This course is designed to expose students to various co/extra-curricular campus opportunities and tackle the issue of “what can I do with a major in…”  Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge to make informed choices about possible courses of study, internships, jobs, volunteer/community service activities, and careers.  No pre-requisites are required.

Learning objectives:

1.       Build self-awareness and appreciation for one’s strengths, skills, values, and interests and apply this self-knowledge when making decisions and exploring academic and career options.

2.       Explore various academic/career pathways and acquire methods to research them

3.       Hone networking skills

4.       Build, refine, and practice effective application materials and strategies

5.       Clearly position their education and background in the marketplace and develop confidence in choices

Weekly course topics include:

·         Reflective practices

·         Decision making and design thinking

·         Dependable Strengths

·         Creative exploration of majors and careers

·         Prototyping and testing ideas

·         UW Young Alumni Panel

·         Resume, cover letter, CV, and application materials

·         Internship Fair Prep

·         Digital identity

For additional details please contact Tina Adelstein in the Career Center (; 206-685-6216 ).

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