ASA Recap Features work from UW Sociology Professor Julie Brines

Professor Julie Brines’ current research on divorce was featured in the ASA Annual Meeting recap, as well as several prominent news media outlets!


After 60 years, the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting graced downtown Seattle with its presence this summer, August 20-23rd. The theme of this year’s conference was aptly titled “Rethinking Social Movements: Can Changing the Conversation Change the World?”

You can read the full meeting recap here. Most notably, UW Sociology Professor Julie Brines was highlighted for her recent research on divorce:

“A study from University of Washington researchers–Julie Brines, an associate professor, and Brian Serafini, a doctoral candidate–also garnered significant media attention in their study, ‘Seasonal Variation in Divorce Filings: The Importance of Family Ritual in a Post-Sentimental Era.” The researchers found what is believed to be the first quantitative evidence of a seasonal, biannual pattern of filings for divorce. Media outlets that reported on teh study included The Boston Globe, the Houston Chronicle, Bloomberg, The Seattle TimesCosmopolitanThe Washington Post, The Atlantic, the Toronto Sun (Canada), and the Rheinische Post (Germany).”

You can read the Seattle Times Article by clicking here.

If you are interested in divorce, marriage, or the family in general, considering registering for Julie Brines’ course this Winter 2017, SOC 353: The Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective. Registration opens November 4th.

Seattle had the second highest number of registrants for a meeting outside of the 3 major conference locations (New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco), with 5,301 individuals registering for the conference.

ASA, along with the rest of the world, has taken advantage of new technologies and social media, including their meeting app which reported nearly 2,200 downloads this year, and a meeting hashtag #asa16

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