Be a Hero! Multi-City Donor Registry Drive in support of Sociology Professor Alexes Harris

Sociology Professor Alexes Harris has been diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Finding a bone marrow match is extraordinarily difficult.

Click here to read more about Alexes’ condition. Alexes’ unusual situation brings to light the crucial need to grow the US bone marrow registry program.


Alexes is moving ahead with her treatment, but with her usual thoughtfulness about, and dedication towards addressing, structural inequalities and histories of inequality, she would like to galvanize our attention to the need to increase the bone marrow registry database to ensure access to bone marrow matches across racial and ethnic heritages. Some of you have already been alerted to her situation, but for those of you who haven’t, please consider joining this event and spreading the word.

The event is this Saturday, October 29th

Where: Garfield High School–400 23rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

When: 10am-2pm, with a brief formal program at 11:30am

More information can be found here:

RSVP to the event! 

Come wearing your favorite super hero themed shirt!

This is a day to inspire our community to promote the importance of joining the national donor registry, especially among communities of color. This isa  family friendly event that will celebrate our caring community and spread the word about the need for donor registry drives. Join us to register and join us to collectively wish Alexes our very best.

Family games * Information tables * Halloween goodies for the kids

What should you expect when you arrive at the event? 

A cheek swab: That’s it. There are some misconceptions about what it means to be “tested” or “typed”. There is no drawing blood. In fact, you can swab your own cheek and hand it to the Be The Match representative.

What you should know: Many of you have expressed interest in being typed to find out if you are a match for Alexes. Alexes has chosen stem cell cord blood (as opposed to bone marrow) and has a donor. This means you are joining the registry to donate marrow to someone other than Alexes. 

Please only register if you are serious about donating your marrow if/when you get a call

Here’s why. Alexes was matched with two donors. Of course we were absolutely ecstatic about finding out that there was a donor that could save her life. Upon reaching out to the donors, one of them could not be reached at all, and the other was unavailable for some extended period of time before they could donate their marrow. Of course we were heart broken. We don’t want anyone to have to get on that emotional roller coaster, so if you are a match, we want you to be willing to fllow through.

On behalf of #teamalexes, we are looking forward to a huge turnout and hope to see YOU there!

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