Join Us for Speaker Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez, Raising Awareness on the Discrimination of Romani People

Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez AKA Magneto, a Spanish Romani Activist, is speaking November 3rd at UW Seattle. 

November 3rd

CHID Lounge–Padelford C101, UW Seattle Campus

4:30-6:00 PM

Human rights activist, screenwriter, cartoonist, and pop culture expert, Vicente raises awareness on the discrimination of Romani people worldwide and taps into Comic Art as a vehicle for social change.


An estimated 11 million Romani, (commonly and pejoratively known as Gypsies), make up Europe’s largest ethnic minority. Some six million live in the EU, most of them EU citizens.

The Romani endure prejudice and social exclusion, despite the fact that EU countries have banned discrimination.

“I understand my travels and my duty as a Romani young man, and my time as a volunteer…as the response to a reality that I cannot accept anymore and I’m full of serenity, full of peace, knowing that I’m using my life and my time in the best way possible, in the pursuit of justice.”

Vicente is also: 

  • Forbes choice for 2016 30-Under-30 Policy Change in Europe

  • Co-Founder of YAG BARI-TernYpe International Roma Youth Network

  • Fellow at the Open Society Foundation

  • Co-Director for the CHID Legacies of Empires study-abroad program in Europe

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