Upcoming Scholarship & Award Opportunities

Below is a brief update of upcoming scholarship opportunities: 

Harry S. Truman Scholarship – Apply by 11/14/2016

The UW nominates 4 current junior or third year undergraduates to be considered for the Harry S. Truman Scholarship. This competitive award offers up to $30,000 to be used for graduate school. Interested students should apply for UW Nomination online.

Udall Scholarships – Apply by 12/02/2016

The Udall Foundation offers a prestigious scholarship for undergraduate sophomores and juniors in any major. The Udall Undergraduate Scholarship is a $7,000 scholarship awarded to 60 undergraduate sophomores and juniors pursuing careers related to the environment, or pursuing careers related to Tribal Public Policy or Native Health Care. For more information and to sign up for free informational webinars, visit udall.gov.

The Udall Foundation asks universities to nominate students to compete at the national level. Each UW campus is able to nominate up to 4 candidates in the Tribal Public Policy and/or Native Health care categories. TO receive priority consideration for UW Seattle campus nomination, students are encouraged to submit our campus application by Dec. 2, 2016. Details about eligibility, the Seattle campus application process, and online application form are available here.

GSBA Scholarship Fund – Apply by 01/11/2017

The GSBA Scholarship Fund awards educational scholarships to Washington State LGBTQ and allied students who exhibit leadership potential, demonstrate strong academic abilities, and are actively involved in school and community organizations. For more information, click here.

Library Research Award – Apply by 05/15/2017

The Library Research Award for Undergraduates Committee provides an annual prize of $1,000 and honorable mentions of $250 to students engaged in a research project. All undergraduates enrolled at the UW are eligible for the award. Form more information, click here.


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