Upcoming Courses and Workshops for Sociology Majors

Are you…

  • A new Sociology major wanting to explore career options?
  • Graduating this year with NO clue what to do after graduation?
  • Hoping to land an internship but don’t know where to start the process?

 The College of Arts & Sciences offers a number of curricular and extracurricular options to help Sociology students break down these questions and get you excited about your career path, from informal 30-minute “brown bag” meetings at UW’s Career and Internship Center to career planning courses offered this Winter quarter.

Here are some upcoming courses and workshops to be aware of:

 FALL Quarter 2016:

  • “Arts & Sciences Career Launch”: Extracurricular Workshop
    • Led by staff in the College of Arts & Sciences and departmental advisors (including Susanna Hansson), this 90-minute career workshop is designed specifically for recently declared A&S majors (and pre-majors).  The session outlines career paths you can follow, and helps participants determine additional steps and strategies for pursuing a fulfilling career with an A&S degree.
    • Available Fall 2016 sessions:
      • WED November 30th, 2016: 3:30-5:00 PM in MGH 134
      • THU December 1st, 2016: 3:30-5:00 PM in MGH 134
      • Registration required.  Register at https://c21.washington.edu/launch.

WINTER Quarter 2017:

  • “Arts & Sciences Career Lab” (ARTSCI 150B)| Thursdays 3:40-4:50 | SLN: 15060
    • This graded, 1-credit course (CR/NC), co-led by College of Arts & Sciences advisors, Career & Internship Center counselors, and C21 staff will teach students how to market major-specific skills and career-related strengths.  Students will engage in project-based work with academically and culturally diverse teams, practice networking and other professional skills with career specialists, receive individual feedback from instructors, and gain regular access to A&S career resources.
    • https://c21.washington.edu/our-programs/career-lab
  • “Career Strategy and Job Search” (GEN ST 391 – Section G) | Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-3:20 | SLN: 15085
    • This graded, 2-credit course (CR/NC) for juniors, seniors, and transfer students, taught by a career counselor meets twice weekly for 50- minutes to help you grow your self-awareness and appreciation for your strengths, skills, values, and interests. You will learn how to use this important self-knowledge when taking action in job searching and building a career strategy.
  • “Preparing for Graduate Education” (GRDSCH 200) | Fridays 1:30-3:20 | SLN: 15264
    • This graded, 2-credit course (CR/NC), currently taught by Sociology’s own Issa Abdulcadir, explores graduate education and its structures and organizations. Students use interactive assignments, individual reflective work, and professional portfolio development to explore their preparation for graduate education, and develop strategies for pursuing graduate school.
    • https://www.washington.edu/trends/grdsch-200-preparing-for-graduate-education/
  • “Ideathon 2.0: Changing College to Change the World” (ARTSCI 150A) | Intensive Weekend Course:3pm Friday, January 6 – 3pm Sunday, January 8 | SLN: 10559
    • Interested in the intersections between Education and Innovation?  Want to cap off your college career by brainstorming how higher education might be designed differently? This graded, 1-2 credit course (CR/NC), invites students to work collaboratively to imagine how students, faculty, and administration can put innovation more at the heart of the UW experience.  What can the UW do to help our students reach their potential, and in doing so, not just to change the university, but better the world.  Ideathon is an alternative, out-of-classroom “course” that takes place in CoMotion’s MakerSpace and features guest mentors from the university and local industry.
    • Application required. Apply at https://c21.washington.edu/our-programs/ideathon.
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