Planning to go to Rome in the Spring for Study Abroad? Consider enrolling in Italian 111: Accelerated First Year Italian!

Planning to go to Rome in the Spring for Study Abroad with Susan Pitchford? Want to go in the future? Just interested in learning a new language?

Consider brushing up on your Italian by enrolling in ITAL 111 next quarter: Accelerated Italianrome

Get in the fast lane and earn 10 credits of VLPA with ITAL 111, a one-quarter accelerated course with 2-quarters worth of material! 

The fast-paced formula provides excellent results for highly motivated students. By spring quarter you could be completing your first year of Italian–in ITAL 103 and earn 15 credits of VLPA. Or study in Italy next spring, via the Sociology in Italy Study Abroad Program or Rome and Calabria Study Abroad Program!

ITAL 111 A: First Year Italian

Instructor: Giuseppe Tassone

MTWThF from 11:30 to 1:20 PM, 10 credits

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