Supplemental Course Videos on Poverty & Inequality (FREE)!

Interested in better understanding poverty and inequality? Or, want something to show your family when they ask you over break what you’ve been studying in sociology?


Consider checking out a selection of FIFTY online course videos that tackle some of the big questions in poverty and inequality research, such as:

“What types of inequality are increasing? What types are declining? What accounts for these changes? And what types of institutional changes, interventions, or policies might affect the amount of poverty and inequality?”

Stephanie Garlow and David B. Grusky, Stanford University, have traveled all over the country with a roving production team, visiting the country’s top scholars and asking them to present their own research in self-contained micro-lectures (about five minutes long each). The best part? It’s FREE! 

The 50 videos fall into eight topical modules covering income inequality, the experience and causes of poverty, educational access and outcomes, social mobility, and gender, racial, and ethnic inequality. Below are examples of some of the videos:

  • “The Takeoff in Income Inequality.” Emmanuel Saez
  • “Unequal Childhoods.”Annette Lareau
  • “The Slowdown in Higher Education.” Michael Hout
  • “Gender Discrimination in the Labor Market.” Cecilia Rouse
  • “Race, Employment, and Criminal Record.” Devah Pager

To learn more, check out the course website The course is offered annually and the videos are also available here

By offering a course that is both free and open to the public, we have broadened the possible audience beyond the traditional college student, opening it up to anyone who wants to learn more.

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