Academic Support Courses for Struggling Students

Are you a student who may need additional skills to succeed at UW? Are you worried about your academic progress and wish there was a class that could help you out? Are you not doing as well as you would like?

If so, then maybe Academic Support Programs can help with their academic achievement GENST 101 class (W credit) and tutor-mentor experience! 


These courses have been able to help students below a 2.8 GPA or on low scholarship, connect with another student in weekly mentoring meetings, improve their GPAs and learn skills such as time management, reading comprehension/annotation, writing, and more!

Read on for the information on the specific courses and the website! 

Academic Support Programs offers a 3 credit course (General Studies 101) designed to develop important university skills (such as academic reading/writing, organization, test-taking, and effective participation). The course integrates these skills with a fascinating subject. Classes are designed for students struggling with the academic transition into the university or need more support in study skills. Courses offered this quarter are:

GEN ST 101 D (15046) & H (22493): Evidence and Controversy in Medicine offers you an opportunity to take a seminar sized class which will help support you academically in your other courses. How do we know what we know? Evidence and Controversy in Medicine will use examples from the news and from the world of medicine to explore the nature of evidence and its role in our lives. Understanding Health Care Disparities will focus on the social and economic factors that drive differences in access to healthcare. Within this framework, the class will provide students with academic support, including strategies for succeeding in science classes.

GEN ST 101 C (15045) & E (15047): Smart-Phone, Small Planet? Identity and Community in the Digital Age. The course will consider how new technologies (like your smart phone!) are changing how we relate as humans and how we understand the world. Consider taking a class designed exclusively for English Language Leaners and to help international students succeed at the UW.

Each class meets only once per week for 2 hours. In addition, you will meet with your own tutor-mentor, assigned by us, twice a week for 90 minutes a session. These sessions will help you with your academic success in all of your courses. Students receive a “W” (writing) credit for the class as well. We focus on interesting content study strategies, and individualized support for our students.

*Academic Support Programs has 2 different sections each of 2 different courses for winter quarter. Usually, their Smart Phone, Small Planet class is reserved for multi-lingual learners/international students and their Issues and Controversies in Medicine is for students interested in Pre-Health. Since there are only 2 classes being offered this quarter, they have decided to open them for ANY student wishing to gain better academic skills! 
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