SOC in the News: Sociology Majors and the Job Market

An article published by PEW Social Trends discusses the state of American jobs, who may be benefitting in the future, and what employers are looking for in prospective candidates.

Overall, these trends appear to be in high support of sociology majors! 


Below is an excerpt from the article.

The new analysis of employment data shows that the job categories with the highest growth tend to require higher social skills, analytic savvy and technical prowess. Since 1980, employment in jobs requiring stronger social skills, namely interpersonal, communications or management skills, increased from 49 million to 90 million, or 83%. Further, employment increased 77% (from 49 million to 86 million) in jobs requiring higher levels of analytical skills, including critical thinking and computer use. By comparison, the number of workers in jobs requiring higher levels of manual or physical skills, such as machinery operation and physical labor has changed relatively little.

Read the rest of the article here

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