CSSCR Data Courses

Looking to learn a new statistical software? Want to brush up on the skills you already have? Looking for a good way to start preparing for graduate school in the social sciences? 


The Center for Social Science Computation and Research at the University of Washington offers several ***FREE** classes each quarter in various computer packages for analyzing data including Stata, R, SAS, and SPSS. Check out the upcoming courses below, or visit their website to learn more! 

Winter 2017

R Graphics Using ggplot2


This class is an introduction to the popular graphics package ggplot2. We will discuss the structure of the ggplot2, including the basic elements of the underlying grammar and how plots can be built-up in a layered fashion. We will then use ggplot2 to produce number of different plots, such as line graphs, histograms, and boxplots. Attendees will be assumed to have basic familiarity with R.
Instructor: Colin Beam, CSSCR Consultant
Date: Thursday, 12 Jan 2017
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm Place: Savery 121
Register here.

Introduction to SAS


This introductory class will cover basic features and some data cleaning and recoding of variables in SAS. The topics include: an overview of the SAS system; how to read/enter data, modify, explore and manage data; and some basic data recoding and variable creation.
Instructor: Nikki Gurley, CSSCR Consultant
Date: Friday, Jan 13, 2017
Time: 12:30pm – 1:20pm Place: Savery 121
Register here.


Click here to register for courses.

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