#philosophy responds: Conversations After the Election

The UW Department of Philosophy Presents…

#philosophy responds: Conversations After the Election

UW Seattle Campus Beauty Scenes 2015

Please join us to explore how the tools of philosophy can help us to grapple in productive ways with important social issues that have gained renewed attention following the 2016 national election cycle.

Each session will start with a short introduction by faculty and/or graduate students, with the aim of initiating open discussions of the issues. All seminars will take place on Fridays, from 1:30-2:30 PM in Savery Hall 361

January 20th: Hate Speech and Slurs

  • Luvell Anderson | University of Memphis, Philosophy
  • Michael Blake | UW Philosophy
  • Paul Franco | UW Philosophy

February 3rd: Facts and Fake News

  • Amanda Hornby | Head of Teaching & Learning, Odegaard Library
  • Morag Stewart | UW Libraries
  • Ben Feintzeig | UW Philosophy
  • Dustyn Addington | UW Philosophy

February 17th: Recognizing and Combatting Racism and Sexism

  • Carina Fourie | UW Philosophy
  • Sara Goering | UW Philosophy
  • Tim Brown | UW Philosophy

March 10th: Civil Disobedience

  • Bill Talbott | UW Philosophy
  • Sam Sumpter | UW Philosophy
  • Lydia Ramirez | UW Philosophy



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