Sociology & Film: Upcoming Event!

Join for the second presentation in a series on Indigenous Feminism’s co-hosted by Dr. Luana Ross and Dr. Dian Million. Indigenous women have complex identities and complex gender relations with deep histories in our nations and places. Join us in exploring three great women artists and thinkers who present Native women’s current resilient, resistant and critical reVisioning of their sexuality, gender, and community relations. 

Finding Native Feminist Pleasure in Film: Indigenous Queens who Refuse to be Princesses

January 27, 3:00-6:00 PM at the Intellectual House 


Dr. Chris Finley, Ph.D. (Colville)

Assistant professor in American Studies at UCSC and is the lively co-editor and contributor to Queer Indigenous Studies: Interventions in Theory, Politics and Literature. Chris’s work explores the decolonizing possibilities of a sex positive pedagogy, the legalization of gay marriage in the Colville nation, and the affects of sexualized images of indigenous peoples in popular culture. 

Marcella Ernest, Ph.D. Candidate (Anishinaabe)

Doctoral candidate in American Studies at the U of New Mexico is a rising star in innovative electronic media, film, and sound design, as well as an artist and writer. Marcella presents critical examinations of gender, family, memory, and sexuality that deliberately challenge racist representations of Native American women to embrace Native women’s complex identities. Marcella holds a Master’s degree in Indigenous Documentary Research Methodologies and Film Production from the American Indian Studies Native Voices Program at the University of Washington. 

Rachel Nez, Ph.D. Candidate (Navajo)

Passionate Filmmaker, Academic, and Teacher. Her academic research includes the presentation of Navajo language during the 1960s in the realms of music and film. Rachael’s mission is to contribute to cinematic movements and language revitalization efforts. Currently, Rachael is creating a series of animated shorts for children in an attempt o enhance heritage language maintenance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts, a Master of Communications in Indigenous Documentary, and is in the process of obtaining her Ph.D. in Native American Studies at the University of California, Davis. 



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