Blog-A-Thon Day 1: SOC 201A

The Sociology Department Blog-A-Thon Day 1 Featured Course: 

SOC 201 A: The Rise of Surveillance Society

SPR 17 SOC 201A FINAL.jpg
Course Overview: 
  • Instructor: Heather Evans (
  • Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:30 am to 10:20 am
  • SLN: 19220
  • 5 credits (Individuals & Society)
  • This course will satisfy five credits of the Sociology Elective requirement*

This course will examine ways in which surveillance techniques and technologies interact with society to produce social control, security, fear, vulnerability, and/or empowerment. Starting with a historical perspective on ways in which surveillance was conceived as necessary for social control in the modern state, the course will then examine current surveillance practices along different life points, including childhood and youth, the reproductive years, and the experience of aging in institutions. As part of this survey, we will explore how surveillance has shaped modern experiences of school, work, travel, socializing, and political participation. The course will end with an in-depth examination of how social media engagement and leveraging of ‘Big Data’ information is shaping modern identities as individuals, community members, and citizens.

*recall, a maximum of 10 credits of 201 can be earned to satisfy both sociology and university requirements. Any credits of 201 taken beyond 10 will not count toward your department requirements, or the 180 credits needed to graduate
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