Blog-A-Thon Day 3: SOC 357

The Sociology Department Blog-A-Thon Day 3 Featured Course: 

SOC 357: Sociology of Religion

SPR17 SOC 357 FINAL.jpg

 Course Overview: 
  • Instructor: Steve Pfaff (
  • Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:30 am to 3:20 pm
  • SLN: 19252
  • 5 credits (Individuals & Society)
  • This course will satisfy five credits of the Sociology Upper Division Elective requirement OR five credits of the Sociology General Elective requirement

Religion occupied a central role in classical sociology. It continues to be a fascinating area for sociological theory and research and, as the famous sociologist and theologian Peter L. Berger has observed, our time is still “an age of exuberant religiosity, much of it in the form of passionate movements with global outreach.”

In this course, students will read both classical and contemporary sociological theories of religion that will provide a general framework for understanding not only today’s religious landscape but also general features of religious behavior and organizations, past, present, and future.

More broadly, the course explores the human side of religion and that factors that lead to belief, conversion, commitment, conflict, and change in the religious sphere.

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