[SOC in the News] Ft. a UW Sociology Professor & a UW Sociology Grad Student

Sociology in the News

Town Square Video: What Would a 21st-Century Immigration Policy Look Like?

Click here to watch the video featuring Professor Charles Hirschman, UW Sociology, and Ph.D. Student Thiago Marques, UW Sociology.

Immigrants have made countless contributions to American society. They have generated economic growth, enriched our culture, and contributed to our collective civic life. However, immigration policies have at times generated uncertainty and anxiety. How can we separate legitimate concerns about immigration from irrational worry? How might federal policies be changed to harness the benefits of immigration for all Americans while mitigating legitimate concerns?

Video Features: 

  • Congressman Adam Smith, 9th District
  • Professor Charles Hirschman, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance, UW
  • Professor Christine Cimini, University of Washington School of Law
  • Mozhdeh Oskouian, Directing Attorney, Seattle Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
  • Thiago Marques, Ph.D. student, School of Sociology, University of Washington
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