[SOC in the News]: Livable City Year 2016-2017 Projects ft. Prof. Kyle Crowder!

Livable City Year: One year. One city. Dozens of UW faculty and hundreds of students.
Working together to catalyze livability.

Livable City Year partnered with the City of Auburn for the 2016-2017 academic year, connecting UW students and faculty with projects identified by Auburn that address the city’s sustainability and livability goals.

Below is a list of projects UW students have worked on during the 2016-2017 Livable City Year with our own UW Sociology Professor, Dr. Kyle Crowder!

Assessment of Auburn Taskforce on Homelessness Recommendations

Kyle Crowder
Course: The City

In November 2015, Mayor Nancy Backus convened Auburn’s Task force on Homelessness. They developed a list of recommendations and consensus items on how to address the city’s current condition of homelessness that will be brought to the city council. The overarching purpose of this project is to engage students in assessing these recommendations and developing strategies for carrying them out.

Tools to Monitor Housing Stock

Kyle Crowder
Course: The City

Auburn has identified a need to maintain its existing housing stock as a means to maintaining affordability and reducing pressure on resources. This project will engage students in the development of approaches and tools to monitor and maintain Auburn’s existing housing stock.

Homelessness Assessment

Kyle Crowder
Course: The City

The purpose of this project is to develop new analysis tools to assess the size, location, and change in Auburns homeless populations. Students will assess current practices and strategies used by Auburn and other municipalities, and describe potential new tools appropriate for Auburn.

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