SOC Blog-A-Thon Day 2: SOC 240

The Sociology Department Blog-A-Thon Day 2 Featured Course: 

SOC 240: Introduction to Social Psychology

SUM 17 SOC 240
Course Overview: 
  • Instructor: Daniel Nolan (
  • Schedule: Full Term; MW 8:30 to 10:10 am
  • SLN: 13515
  • 5 credits (Individuals & Society)
  • This course will satisfy five credits of the Sociology Elective requirement 

Social psychology is an interdisciplinary field that explores the interrelationship between individual consciousness and social structures. Research in this field explores both (1) how society influences how individuals perceive themselves, their experiences, and their world, and (2) how interaction between individuals can influence social structures or organization. This course will have a focus on sociological social psychology, a field shared by sociology and psychology, and covers topics including the development of self-concept and reflexive thought; identities and group membership; impression management and behavior; and the construction of meaning and social norms.

This is an introductory course, meaning students will learn the classical foundations of social psychology, but will also have the opportunity to explore contemporary social psycho-logical research. By the conclusion of this course, students will understand key social psychological theories and be able to apply those theories to identify social factors that influence what people think, feel, and believe in their day-to-day life.

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