SOC Blog-A-Thon Day 4: SOC 201B

SOC 201 B: The Self, Emotions, and Society

SUM 17 SOC 201B
Course Overview: 
  • Instructor: Carter Merklinghaus (
  • Schedule: FULL TERM; MW 9:10 to 11:20 AM
  • SLN: 13510
  • 5 credits (Individuals & Society)
  • This course will satisfy five credits of the Sociology Elective requirement*

The focus of this course is to examine the key arguments, themes, and concepts in the field of social psychology, a sub-field of sociology, which analyzes social behaviors, interactions, and situations from embarrassment to attending Coachella. This course will delve into how society plays a role in our individual thoughts, feelings, and actions, but also how these individual aspects influence the way a society functions. This course will be divided into three main sections: the self, emotions, and society.

We will frame these ideas by first learning the basics of sociological methods of research and key social-psychological theories. Using sociological methodologies and theories (and a whole lot of YouTube videos), we will thoroughly examine the self, emotions, and society in a way that will allow you to apply these analytical methods to other areas of sociology and research in the future.

*recall, a maximum of 10 credits of 401 can be earned to satisfy both sociology and university requirements. Any credits of 401 taken beyond 10 will not count toward your department requirements, or the 180 credits needed to graduate
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