[SOC in the News]: UW Sociology’s Tim Thomas Interviewed on KUOW

UW Sociology Department Grad Student Tim Thomas was interviewed about his research on KUOW! 


The following is an excerpt from an article published on KUOW by Carolyn Adolph on 5/13/17…

Black life is draining out of Seattle, Census Shows


“South King County has long been a place where people with modest incomes could find a home. Now more people are coming, driven by high rents in Seattle. And a University of Washington researcher has found that African-Americans are among the most affected by this wave of displacement.

Tim Thomas of the University of Washington discovered the trend while digging deep into Census data.

“There’s this massive shift of African-Americans in Seattle moving away from where opportunity or higher-income areas are,” Thomas said.

Rising rents have driven African-Americans from the neighborhoods they were forced into originally by housing policies that targeted them. Now they are being forced to move on. It’s a migration of historic proportions: Thomas’s maps show a strong migration of poor people heading south in 2010, which grew stronger by 2015. The maps also show African-American life draining out of Seattle and dispersing south, to cities like Renton, Kent and Auburn.

“You see the migration of race as well as the migration of poverty,” he said. “This massive shift of African-Americans moving south — that’s a big story.”

But as many of the displaced discover, rents at their destinations in south King County have also been rising, adding to the pressure and narrowing the escape route…”

You can listen to the full interview or read the full article by clicking here!

Tim Thomas is a UW Ph.D. Candidate in the Sociology Department. His fields of interest focus on demography, migration, neighborhoods, race and ethnicity, social mobility, social stratification/inequality, and urban studies.

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