SOC Blog-A-Thon Day 5: SOC 230

SOC 230: Racial & Ethnic Health Disparities

SUM 17 SOC 230
Course Overview: 
  • Instructor: Savannah Larimore (
  • Schedule: FULL TERM; MW 12:40 – 2:10
  • SLN: 13528
  • 5 credits (Individuals & Society, Diversity)
  • This course will satisfy five credits of the Sociology Elective requirement

This course critically examines health and health care disparities among racial/ethnic minority groups in the United States. It utilizes sociological, demographic, epidemiological and psychological concepts to introduce students to health disparities research and contemporary debates in this interdisciplinary field of study. Students will learn about health indicators across population groups and explore theories used to understand gaps and discrepancies in healthcare between and among populations. In particular, the course will examine the ways in which multiple forms of interpersonal and institutional discrimination, neighborhood and community factors, and inequalities in socioeconomic status influence health behaviors, access to health care services and health status outcomes across racial and ethnic groups. Students will learn how to communicate ideas about the social causes and solutions to health inequalities in the United States as well as create policy recommendations that address some of the many shortcomings of modern American healthcare.

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