Pro-Tips: How to Email Your Professor

It’s nearly the end of Week 3, which means that you’ve might have had to miss your first class because of that pesky cold that seems to go around campus every fall as the weather changes.

Or perhaps things have started to get a little tricky in one of your classes and you’re not quite getting the concepts you need to master before moving on to the harder stuff in class.

Or perhaps your first graded assignments have been returned and you were hoping things went differently and want to meet with the professor or TA to try and figure out how to improve.

All of these might require an email to a professor or TA. What is the right email etiquette in this situation? There are a lot of right and wrong ways to email a professor, but the guide that is published on this link at is particularly useful.

We recommend checking it out and using these lessons in all email correspondence at UW (and beyond in the professional world) for here on out.

And remember, allow at least 24 hours (on a weekday, and a full weekend if not) before sending a follow-up email. Most professors and TAs try to keep business hours (9-5 on M-F)… so if you email at 9pm with an urgent request and again at 7am wondering why they have not responded, there is a strong chance that they have no yet seen your initial message and the follow-up message will not reflect well upon you.



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