New Intro to Data Science Course

New Course Announcement
STAT 180 Introduction to Data Science (4) QSR
Rationale for course
* Many critical decisions made by individuals and society are (or
should be) data driven, and therefore understanding the basics of
Data Science is an essential component of every student’s general
* Hands-on experience with collecting, analyzing, and presenting data
will benefit many (potentially all) students during their education
and in their future workplace

Target audience
All undergraduates, especially students without previous exposure to
programming or statistics.

Either a minimum grade of 2.5 in MATH 098, a minimum grade of 3.0 in
MATH 103, a score of 151-169 on the MPT-GS placement test, or score of
145-153 on the MPT-AS placement test.

Outline of Syllabus
* Introduction to Python programming, data description,
visualization (4 weeks)
* Data collection and statistical inference (3 weeks)
* Machine learning (2 weeks)
* Industrial strength data science (1 week)
Werner Stuetzle (
Department of Statistics

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