Study Abroad in Ecuador: Race, Gender, and VLPA credits

Explore Summer B term in Quito, Ecuador in  “Sumak Kawsay: Well-Being, “Race,” and Gender in Ecuador/ Feminista Movements, Feminista Musics in Ecuador.  This course is open to all majors.

Information session on January 10, 3:00 p.m., MGH 211B (seminar room)

Due Date to apply for program is Jan. 31 (when you meet this deadline your application gets automatically sent into a scholarship pool which provides funds based on financial need).

“Sumak Kawsay: Well-Being, “Race,”  and Gender in Ecuador” and Feminista Movements, Feminista Musics in Ecuador 

*Class taught in English. Financial aid available.

“We demand policies in favor of indigenous, black, mestiza, rural and impoverished urban women who have maintained the food sovereignty of our peoples:  land, water, productive resources, greater access to knowledge, greater recognition of the knowledge we have formed through the caring relationship with nature.” Carmelina Morán, Assembla de  Mujeres Populares y Diversas, Ecuador

This program considers the dialogue between feminista movements and feminista musics. Learn about and meet sonic feministas in Ecuadorian hip hop, Afro-descendent music, and in Afro-diaspora culture. Course considers the music’s relationship to indigenous social movements rooted in Buen Vivir/Sumak Kawsay, a practice that recognizes the reciprocal well-being of earth/la pachamama and her inhabitants. Feminista movements, futurisms, and music will be considered within Ecuador’s general history of social movements for Buen Vivir/Sumak Kawsay.

Questions about scholarships and the program? Email
January 31 is the deadline to complete your application to the Quito summer program.

However, you do not have to have your single letter of recommendation in. Just your own application.

Apply here:
View a video about UW students 2017 experience in this program:


Here’s a video about visiting Ecuador’s Andean (Andes mountains) region,
where Quito and other towns and cities are is located: <>


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