Academic Support Programs has space in classes still!

Academic Support Programs wants to let you all know they still have seats in their courses if you need study skills support.

And remember, there are appointments with Student Success Coaches available for all students.

And there are tips for students to read up on and put into practice on their own. ://

Achievement Courses description

Every quarter Academic Support Programs offers a 3 credit course (General Studies 101) designed to develop important university skills (such as academic reading and writing, organization, test-taking and effective participation). The course integrates these skills with a fascinating subject. Classes are designed for students struggling with the academic transition into the university or need more support in study skills. Seats are for students struggling to perform academically at the university level, which we define as probation/reinstated students. If there is room available we will allow students with a CUM GPA of 2.7 to 2.0. These classes are not for 1st quarter new admits to the university.

Each class meets only once a week for 2 hours. In addition, students will meet with their own tutor-mentor, assigned by us, twice a week for 90 minutes a session. These sessions will help with academic success in all courses. Students receive a “W” (writing) credit for the class as well as a numerical grade. We focus on interesting content, study strategies, and individualized support for our students.

General Studies 101 G: Smart-Phone, Small Planet? Identity and Community in the Digital Age. The course will consider how new technologies (like your smart-phone!) are changing how we relate as humans and how we understand the world. The course will consider how new technologies (like your smart-phone!) are changing how we relate as humans and how we understand the world.

GEN ST 101 E and F: The United States of Rap 

This course will consider the impact, importance, and relationship of geography, race & ethnicity, and sexuality & gender on the genre of rap in the United States. How has rap been used to bring people together? Tear them apart? Comment on race relations in America? Spark movements?

Website for details:

Please email Adiam Tesfay at for an add code if you are interested in the course or have questions

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