Recommended Reads for Equity

Please join in Odegaard Library’s new project: Recommended Reads for Equity.

Recommended Reads for Equity engages the UW community in critical conversations, reading, critical thinking and community building; all of which are essential to lifelong learning and engaged citizenship. Guided by the UW community, Odegaard Library will collect recommendations for books about equity, diversity, and inclusion and create opportunities to share recommendations and hold conversations and discussions as a whole campus community. The community’s recommendations will be used to build a new book collection in Odegaard Library, ultimately creating a lasting legacy of UW’s commitment to equity.

We are currently accepting recommendations through our online form. We’d love to hear your reading recommendations! Submit online at

Please feel free to share the form with colleagues and students within your networks. If you have questions or comments, please contact Odegaard staff members Emilie Vrbancic at vrbancic@uw.eduor Steve Weber at This project is sponsored by a UW Diversity and Inclusion Seed Grant and the University of Washington Libraries.

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