Buenos Aires study abroad deadline extended

The Geography Department and CHID are co-sponsoring a study abroad opportunity to Buenos Aires. Please forward to possible interested students…
Summer 2018: June 18 – August 17
Program Name: “Political Landscapes of Buenos Aires: Neoliberalism and the Struggle for Alternatives.” Run through CHID and co-sponsored by Geography. 
The goal of this program is to understand urban space as an evolving, complex and contested landscape shaped by – and with the power to shape – neoliberal measures and policies. It will study the actions of social and political movements in the city of Buenos Aires that resist, rework and pose alternatives to neoliberal ways of organizing the urban space. The program combines classroom and field-based learning, and it includes two field trips, one to the city of Rosario and another one to the city of Bariloche in Patagonia. 
Here are a couple of important links: Online brochure; Program’s CHID Website where you will find the apply button at the bottom of the page; and our own website with some general information and photos.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:
Mónica Farías: fariasm@uw.edu
Elizabeth Shoffner: esho@uw.edu
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