Mental Health Resources for Students as we approach finals

Mental Health for the People workshop with Andrea Salazar this Friday 3/2 at 3pm in 401 Schmitz Hall.  This is a new quarterly workshop series is focused on mental health topics from a social justice perspective. The topic for winter quarter is Navigating Mental Health as a Person of Color.  It will address stigmas and barriers to mental health services, as well as alternative ways of seeking mental health.

Mindfulness for Daily Living with Ron Ma, 1-1:45pm on Thursdays (through the last week of class) in 401 Schmitz Hall

o   Mindfulness meditation is a practice that helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression by cultivating greater self-awareness and a sense of inner peace.

What the (Mental) Health? Workshop at 3-4:20pm on Tue 2/27 in 401 Schmitz Hall. This workshop by Caitlin Stanaway reviews psychological theories related to managing stress and regulating thoughts and emotions. Students can learn about:

o   Optimal stress

o   Mindfulness Skills

o   Grief and Acceptance

o   Effective coping behaviors

o   Assertive communication

o   Understanding and assessing mental health needs

 Let’s Talk.  Drop-in consultation with a counselor, a collaboration between the Counseling Center and Hall Health Center


o   Tuesdays 2-4pm with Iris Song at the Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

o   Wednesdays 2-4pm with Kate Fredenberg at the Q Center in the HUB

o   Offered during the 10 weeks of each quarter.


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