Resilience Skills Class for Undergraduates, 3 credits

With spring quarter registration underway, we wanted to again share with you about our resilience skills class, EDUC 200 Resilience Skills for College and Beyond.
In EDUC 200, students learn skills to enhance their well-being in college and in their life in general. Particular focus is paid to skills that help students withstand common difficulties in life, like a disagreement with a loved one, tolerating doing work you don’t want to do, and managing negative emotions in a healthy way. Skills will include but will not be limited to mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. Students will also learn about research underlying stress, resilience, and related skill areas.
This 3 credit class meets for lectures on Wednesday late afternoons with a one hour lab section on Fridays for small group activities. The class also provides I&S credits.
EDUC 200 Resilience Skills for College and Beyond allows students to work towards their best life while earning credit! Remember to recommend this class!
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