Interested in using Statistics in your career?

UW Biostatistics Department is hosting an event in April for students from historically and currently under-served groups potentially interested in pursing careers and/or graduate work in statistics and biostatistics

At the event, they will show the opportunities that a degree in STAT/BIOSTAT affords (to work in academia, biotech, at places like Amazon or Google, etc.). There will be a diverse panel of statistics professionals/faculty talking about what they do; a diverse panel of graduate students from the biostatistics department talking about their experience and work, and food/networking opportunities for attendees!

In addition, they will have a discussion of how to prepare for graduate work in stats/biostats, and a poster session/reception showing some of the work their graduate students have done.

The event is called StatNorthwest and will be on April 14, 2018, 12:30pm-5:00pm

Check out the flyer to learn more: statNW

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