Interesting Classes for Spring 2018 that have come across our desk

Career Strategy & Job Search – GEN ST 391F
(SLN 14620) meets Wednesdays from 10:30-12:20 and still has a few spaces open

The Viet Nam Wars – JSIS A 265
Did Ken Burns’ Viet Nam War documentary, with its US-centric narrative, leave you intrigued but also feel wanting?  “The Viet Nam Wars,” JSIS A 265, will provide multiple perspectives, particularly Vietnamese ones, to give you a much richer sense of the most important international flash point of the later 20th century.  Beyond Viet Nam, you’ll learn so much more about the world: the Cold War, imperialism and communism, decolonization, Great Power diplomacy and grassroots movements.  Beware that this very popular course will not be taught again until Autumn 2019!

Global History of the Built Environment II – B E 211 A 
(SLN 10848) 5 credits – VLPA, I&S – no prerequisites
MWF 8:30‐9:50am — AND 223
Instructor: Vikramāditya Prakāsh

This course encourages a closer look at the emergence of architectural commonalities and differences within the span of a “time cut.” By discussing examples of architectural innovations representing different parts of the world c.1000 CE, for example, we hope to better understand how social, cultural, and economic interactions on a global scale are essential pieces that form our global history and thus explore the relationship between architecture and culture around the globe, placing peoples from disparate continents in relationship with each other.

Advancing an Eastside Food Innovation District in Tacoma — URBDP 598 N,
SLN 21676 (Seattle campus students) (3 credits)

This course is part of the UW Livable City Year: Tacoma and aims to engage Seattle and Tacoma campus students.

Healthy food. Longer lives. Jobs and business opportunities.

Studies have shown that a child raised on the Eastside of Tacoma is likely to live 7–12 years less than one raised in other parts of the city, and access to healthy food has been identified as a strong contributor to this disparity. Creating a local food economy will stimulate better access to healthy food as well as jobs and business opportunities. As part of UW Livable City Year: Tacoma, this course will engage students from both Seattle and Tacoma campuses and will identify a set of recommendations for advancing the objective of an Eastside Food Innovation District in Tacoma. The City has begun work on this project, but needs help understanding how to incentivize and recruit the types of businesses that make a difference in this area and how to ensure that a Food Innovation District can become self-sustaining and will improve the lives of people in this community. In this course, we will work directly with the City of Tacoma and spend significant time in the field. Please email for more information.

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