Summer Field Studies courses

Spring Quarter has arrived and it’s not too early, or too late, to start thinking about Summer Quarter courses
Join us on Wednesday, April 4th from 12:30 – 1:30 in Mary Gates Hall Room 206 for an information session about the exciting course offerings with Honors this summer. PIZZA will be provided!
We will have a chance to hear from all of the Field Studies instructors about their individual courses and have your questions answered.
The Honors Program is excited to announce our core course offerings available for Summer 2018 in our Interdisciplinary Honors Field Studies Program. These courses are open to all Honors students and aim to demonstrate “field studies” in its broadest and most inclusive sense, offering place – and community – based learning across a broad range of disciplines.

Field Studies courses are purposefully designed to allow students to explore interdisciplinary education through experience and to examine important connections between community, place, and classroom. Field Studies courses happen domestically, providing an exciting alternative to international programs that will emphasize student exploration of the diversity and complexity of our own region and country.

We are offering core courses in both Summer A and B term, and are excited this year to also offer a course during the Early Fall Start period, available to all Honors students.

Check out these exciting courses, and, as always, please contact an Honors adviser if you have any questions.

A Term:
Ecology of Urban Seattle, A Classroom Without Walls / Richard Conlin
Landscape Change in the Pacific Northwest / Tim Billo
B Term:
In Your Name: Education Inside Prison / Claudia Jensen
Natural and Cultural History of the Northwest / Ursula Valdez
Early Fall Start time:
Foods and Cultures of Hispanic and Latino Communities / Ana Gomez-Bravo
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