Announcements from the Career & Internship Center

The Career & Internship Center (C&IC) wants to share some important updates with the campus community:

In the spirit of continuing to offer high quality services, resources and support to students, advisers, staff and employers, while at the same time motivated to elevate our work with innovation and efficiency, there are several initial enhancements and operational changes we’ve enacted to take note of.

 Counselor (titles)

  • Starting spring quarter, career counselors in the C&IC will now be titled Career Coach.  This move better aligns our titles with areas such as Foster Career Services, Career Center @ Engineering and within UAA, Academic Support Services.  Related to this is the announcement you may have seen earlier in the year, that starting July 1, 2018, the C&IC will now host pre-professional advising (pre-health and pre-law) in partnership with UAA Advising. These staff members will also be titled Career Coach.

Resume & Cover Letter Review Service (changes)

  • Starting spring quarter, please refer students for resume and cover letter reviews to our Same-Day Sessions service (Tuesday-Friday10am-4pm, 15 minute sessions) and our Online Resume Review service (for undergraduates) and not to our scheduled appointments (30 minute sessions).  Career coaching appointments are now reserved for conversations about broad career topics including career & option exploration, choosing a major, job & internship search strategy and interview strategy including mock interviews.

Workshop Offerings

  • Starting spring quarter we’re offering more online workshops providing a balanced (in-person & online) workshop schedule, to better accommodate our busy students and different learning styles.

Strategic Planning

  • This quarter we are starting a new strategic planning process in our office, mapping a course for our center’s development into the next several years.  We’ll keep you posted as this evolves.

Final Note

  • In September 2016 we changed our name and officially became the Career & Internship Center.  The motivation for incorporating internship into the title was the newly launched Provost-supported “Internship Project”, housed in our office, which aims to take a deeper dive in preparing students and employers for meaningful internship experiences.  Extensive information for students, advisers, faculty and employers about internships can be found on our website.

Our campus partnerships are central to our mission and success and we are always appreciative of your referrals to our office and welcome your questions as well.


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